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of employees are uncomfortable speaking up on workplace issues that affect their productivity and sense of belonging. 17% of them will not speak up at all, resulting in costly attrition rate, legal suits and disengagement.

When employees speak, companies win

We turn unheard ideas and concerns into amazing organisational superpowers. Now everyone’s a change-maker in the company!

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Ivory is a safe space for honest conversations among employees

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100% Incognito and secure login for all employees

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Employee-led discussion boards, recommendations, polls & forums

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How it works

Get the REAL pulse on the organisation that you won’t get from top-down surveys

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Sentiment Analysis

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Customised business intelligence dashboard

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Crisis Prevention Triage

We're built on trust and community

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What people say

"People talk about the Future of Work like it's an emerging technology about to burst onto the scene. The truth is that a workplace culture of trust and open conversations is the bedrock of all innovation and initiatives. For this reason, I'm so glad that we have something like Ivory in Asia. We're finally catching up."

—  Eduardo K, Chief of Staff

Fostering healthier work-life culture


Boost Happiness & Engagement

Enabling employee exchanges improves workplace satisfaction and efficiency by up to 3x, boosting retention and productivity. 


Unlock Bottom Up Innovations


Crowdsourced policies, initiatives and organisation changes are now made possible at half the time and are twice as effective.


Capture Unheard Risk Effortlessly

Ivory drastically lowers the barrier to speaking-up, allowing over 10x more sentiments, experiences and risks to be captured, before they result in $M/B damages.

The Team
Our Story

Our Story

We started out working in large companies and one of the common themes we noticed was the pervading sense of unhappiness, disempowerment and cynicism caused by the lack of authentic engagement. People were afraid to speak up because there was a pay check on the line or an image to protect. 

As a result, ideas that could become $B products, cultural toxicity and compliance issues with litigation-risk stay bottled up and unaddressed.

We set up Ivory to foster authentic conversations that could be turned into powerful innovation tools for engagement,  compliance and culture building capabilities.

If you are keen to use our solution or work with us, drop us a line at

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